15 March 2012

Evening all, its been a while, a long while indeed, but its time for a breif update.
Settled into the new place well, great to have a Kent postcode again after nearly 40 years, Shewhomustshop still cannot cook to save her life, but she is keeping me in line....just.
I am doing more and more radio stuff for BBC London and BBC Kent, the miles I have travelled in the past 6 months are mounting, I am currently in Bristol with work until Friday night, and then off to Scunthorpe on Saturday morning to work at the Charlton game.

For years and years I have wanted to visit Old Trafford, two weeks ago that littel wish came true, but with an added bonus, I commentated on a game live from there, amazing experience, and I can confirm Manchester United do serve prawn sandwich's to the media, of which I am now an official member of, I am a fully accredited reporter according to the Football League, I have a pass that now gets me into any game I want to get into! Young Finch is highly envious....

The live shows are still going well every Sunday night, due to my travelling on matchdays I am not in every Sunday, which means now and again I do actually get a day off.

No cricket this season, the right knee is now in a terrible state, I have trouble getting out of chairs and climbing stairs a the moment, on top of that I have been advised by the Dr and a physio that if I attempt too much my achilles will snap, I am just waiting for a date for an operation to have that dealt with, appparently it may go before the op is booked......

I have a week away booked with Dan and the young uns in the summer, and for my 50th I am heading down under with the bosswoman to catch up with my mate Simon and for him to take me along the Great Ocean Road on the back of a Harley.

Poor young Finch has just finished some exams, and has another batch in early summer and then he can relax until he joins his new Sixth Form College, might take him away for a weekend in Germany once all the examsn are done, poor lad deserves it.

Sadly I lost my Uncle John a few weeks ago, he had cancer, we thought he had more time, but alas it took him far too quick, Uncle John was my mums brother, and a lovely man who I as a youngster thought the world of, I used to look forward to the summer trips to stay with them in Thornbury, a place that still seems magical too me. The funeral was a great chance to meet up with my cousins again, I rarely see them, but at drinks after we had a great chat and the place was full of laughter, I really must make the effort to come and see them more, as they are such a good crowd.

Thats all from me now, I wil try and get on here and post some photographs from the past 6 months of reporting on Charlton game.

27 October 2011

Its been a while! sorry, been very busy doing all sorts of BBC stuff, and not spending much time at home, she who must shop is less than chuffed with that, but its a neccesary evil sadly.

22 February 2011

Well blow me down with a wet kipper and call me Cyril, if i have not blogged for a while! A lot has happened since the last blog, Charlton have a new manager,

I escaped a house fire by the skin of my teeth, and Charlton Live goes from strength to strength with a new website and a weekly podcast!

The new website is www.charltonlive.biz and you can download Charlton Live from iTunes!

Will do a proper blog later

2 January 2011

Morning all and a happy new year, been a while since I blogged! It has been seriously busy with work and all things CAFC, I am in the middle of a nightmare weekend, spent all day yesterday at Colchester Utd, left at 9am got home from the game at 10pm, it took two hours to upload photos and stories to the club website, so got home last night knackered, today its a rehearsal at 1 followed by Charlton Live at 7-9pm, tomorrow we have a press conference at the Valley with the old and new chairman and then the game at 5 so its another busy day.

Young Finch is at his mothers, and seems very content with his Xmas present from dad, I thought a Blackberry would go down a treat and it has. It dawned on him at just after midnight on New Year that he is off on his jamboree trip this year, talk about excited, but in fairness he has worked incredibly hard to raise the cash, so he deserves it. He continues to do extremely well at school, topping the class in triple science amd geography and is on target to get himself to uni, he is fiercely determined to achieve this.

Xmas day was lovely, had a quiet one at home with no guests, just us and Tiberius the Turkey, I managed to go the whole festive period in a reasonably sober state, partly due to a particularly bad case of Man Flu the week before, which really knocked me for 6.

The new year promises lots of hard work and some adventures, planning a sailing trip in April, a holiday with the the other half in the summer.

The end of the last year was tinged with sadness, we discovered she who must shop was pregnant only to lose the baby at 11 weeks just before the first scan, a very tough time, only told a few people at the time, it was devastating for us both, but Drs say everything is fine and we can try again, which we will do.
Right thats it, Happy New Year to you all.

8 November 2010

Another busy period has found me at Barnet last weekend for BBC London and BBC Kent, all good fun, fair amount of travelling, which leaves me a little knackered on a Saturday night!

This weekend was exceptionally difficult as I had the CAFC press office and various others on the phone a lot as a journo at the BBC had been feeding me some info about potential takeovers at the Club, as it turns out the info I had was spot on, and the said takeover did not happen, after a weekend of silence from the Club on the matter, despite intense speculation, the Club finally released a statement this morning and its as you were chaps!

This coming weekend its a well earned break from football as we head to Wales for Rally GB, promise to be fun but bloody cold and very possible wet....photos will appear here after the weekend.

Brace yourself, the New Romney Mountain Rescue Team are off on the rampage in a matter of weeks, more news to follow, needless to say it will involve alcohol, fine food, bad behaviour and the odd walk here and there.

Poor young Finch is in for a hell of a shock very soon, more on this soon!!!

20 October 2010

Been a busy time lately, work has been manic and Radio stuff for Charlton has really taken off, unlike the team who seem to be heading the wrong way and for a management change.
Last weekend after the Charlton game Young Finch had a Jambo Fundraiser, Wingit played and we raised £460, a good night and thanks to the band who played for free.
Sunday night I was back at The Valley for Charlton Live, with guests Derek Hales and Garry Nelson. A great evening with those two, and lots of emails from fans irate following the 0-4 against Brighton. This weekend see's me heading off to Carlisle at the request of BBC to cover the Charlton game, a very early start is required followed a very late finish......

26 September 2010

A busy time lately, been doing match summary for Charlton games on BBC London and BBC Kent, quite enjoyable but very difficult to remain impartial! also working on Charlton Live, a radio venture with Charlton Athletic, which is about to expand to provide a full matchday service for the club. Yesterday before the game I was so lucky to meet with former Charlton legend Lennie Lawrence and interview him for tonights show, in the short time i had with him his love for the club came across, and he was genuiely not sure what reception he would get whe introduced to the crowd at half time, I did reassure him it would be fine, and it was !